Holding Cohen Corporate is a leader in providing financial advisory, modelling and coaching services to the global infrastructure market. we are one of the few companies who are able to mix market leading expertise with deep knowledge of our chosen sectors, and uniquely, we are able to deliver that capability globally as one team.

We integrate financial experience and life experience into one unique consulting service that enables clients to see each and every side of all financial decisions.

Holding Cohen Corporate is a firm that’s not owned by any large financial organisation. This means that the only things that influence the way in which the company is run, is the knowledge and skill of our team, and of course you the investor.

This leads us to treat your money as if it was our own, acting with caution at each step along the path.

Our initial aim is always to preserve our clients’ wealth and we accomplish this through acting prudently each and every step of the way, forever observing the safest and securest means of helping you attain your goals.
In order to try and do this properly, our team of wealth advisors take the required time so as to get to know you and understand precisely what your goals are. It’s a partnership from the very beginning and this is what we believe separates us from the rest of the pack.

Your goals may be centred on your family, your future, your business or a mixture of several different variables. However, expertise tells us that these factors are quite likely to be much more complicated and interesting than pure monetary motivation, they’re like fingerprints, being completely distinctive from client to client. This is often why we provide you with deliberate advice and investment choices that are specifically tailored to your particular needs.

Since we tend to guide and advise people with wildly different requirements, we operate across many divisions. This translates to the fact that no matter your desires you’ll invariably be dealing with a specialist, not a generalist, making certain that you simply always receive a customized and individual service.

Through design, we tend to solely work with a select group of clients, versus thousands. this allows us to form a tailor-made partnership with every and each person who trusts us to manage their wealth.